Legal Support

Legal_SupportRock Solid understands addiction. We realize that at times the behavior of an addict can bring devastating results that have serious legal consequences. Drunk driving, driving under the influence, court dates and probationary hearings are just a few. These legal issues are often faced during the time of recovery. A looming court date can cast a dark shadow on recovery.

To address this issue, Rock Solid provides expert legal counsel and guidance to help you and your loved ones navigate these tricky waters. Our experienced legal team will work with the you and your attorneys to arrange or postpone court dates that will allow for your complete recovery. This benefit shows the comprehensive and personalized care that you will receive during your time of treatment.

Our aim is to free you from all of this and to focus all of your energy and resources on your recovery. We want to remove all distractions. These legal issues are important and must be addressed but they are best dealt with after you have had the time to heal.