Men Only Treatment

Men_Only_TreatmentRock Solid provides a men-only, safe, structured and confidential treatment environment where clients can embrace life-long sobriety. During your time here, you will repair physical, emotional, and social damage caused by your addictions. Rock Solid helps you build the skills and self-esteem that have been lost through destructive, self-limiting behavior and addiction.

At Rock Solid, we strengthen men with the recovery tools and life skills needed in order to achieve long term success and happiness in sobriety. Our all-male recovery treatment facilities provide the confidentiality and focus that makes it possible for you to truly educate yourself on the triggers of your addiction. As you understand yourself better, you will begin to build a new life that is free from addictive patterns and behaviors.

By identifying and working with your weaknesses, you become empowered to own your sobriety. We work with you to design an individualized program. This personalized program will focus on your specific needs. It will build on your strengths and meet your goals. Recovery doesn’t just mean the absence of drugs and alcohol; it is a continuous, evolving journey toward peace, happiness and success.