• Drug and alcohol rehab for men.

Residential Primary Care: 30 Day, 60 Day, & 90 Day Drug & Alcohol Rehab Programs For Men

What Our Clients Say...

"Rock Solid is probably one of the best recovery centers in America. If you think you have a problem and feel that treatment is your next step, you would be well-advised to look into Rock Solid. This place saved my life."James C.
"Rock solid is what allowed me to save myself from myself. I was convinced that I was just living my life similarly to everyone else. Going about my life just as I knew how. I now realize that each and every day was being lived as if it was the last, with reckless abandon and devil may care approach. I didn't realize my true potential as a human being. It was almost like a passing statement of mine, whenever there was an issue or problem arising in my addiction, simply to say "I need help" never truly comprehending the level of care I needed, or was about to receive. Coming in to Rock Solid, I was able to see what it meant to truly be living life. Whether you're convinced you're an addict or not, this program is designed simply to fit you as an individual and meet the needs you present. If you are honest with them as well as honest with yourself, it will be one of the best decisions you've ever made to date. I am so lucky that I was able to go thru this program, if not I would still be out there killing myself. Without that perspective I would be sorely prepared to handle life on life's terms. The staff members were so caring and considerate of me and my needs during this trying time of getting sober. Without the care and diligence, I'm pretty sure I would have resented the program and eventually myself for being where I was. The detox was so simple and easy, barely felt a thing. The program is quite luxurious, not a single need is not met. If there was ever a problem, simply telling a staff member was all it took to get a remedy quickly and easily. What's best is that they took my whole life in to perspective, where I had been & what I had done, and asked me where I wished to go from there. Without their perspective on my life, my own view on myself would still be defeatist and negative. I loved Wallace. They then pushed me to push myself, which I feel is the difference between a successful attempt at life and the alternative. I love and appreciate all that the offered me and urge anyone who thinks they need help to simply ask for it, ask for the program to help you help yourself."Chris P.
"Rock Solid is the most amazing place ever! It really changed my life it gave me a chance to have a successful life and to begin a career! Thank you Rock Solid for believing in me when no one else would."Ben H.
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