Peaks & Valleys

guy-hikingAn outdoors-based therapeutic approach, Peaks and Valleys enables clients to experience the healing wonders of nature while at the same time developing in them such skills as self-reliance, confidence and self-awareness that will go a long way towards weaning them away from drugs and alcohol for life. This program is done in groups so it also promotes fellowship and teamwork among its participants while at the same time allowing them to see that fun and joy can be experienced with others even without the use of addictive substances.

During the 2-3 day excursion, clients are exposed to challenging activities that include hiking, mountain climbing, camping, boating and fishing. Experienced counselors guide them throughout the journey, leading them in activities like mindfulness hikes that give them the chance to relate the lessons they have learned to their own recovery. The counselors also form groups where the participants can share their knowledge and insights about their journey towards recovery as well as their deep-seated fears about the entire process.