Residential Treatment

RTC-ImageOnce you have safely completed the detoxification period and are medically cleared by your physician, you will transition into residential treatment services. You will be assigned a case manager and therapist who will work with you in developing a treatment plan (also known as the recovery plan). This is the foundation to measure success in your treatment.

You will participate in group, individual, and educational sessions. We incorporate process groups, relapse prevention, communication skills, relationship groups, meditation/relaxation groups, as well as our independently affiliated nutritionist offering nutrition groups. We have extensive connections within the recovery community in Orange County and will transport you twice daily to off-site 12-Step meetings in the community.

We also place high value in physical fitness and nutrition. Our team of culinary experts prepare balanced meals daily to promote a healthy diet and clients are given access to the gym, group fitness classes and outdoor activities. Our main goal during your stay with us is to make sure you are getting everything you need to start a new and improved life of sobriety.